Training New Staff and Clinical Volunteering

NARS welcomes the opportunity to take on experienced doctors and paramedics who are passionate about prehospital care.

Doctors:  We will consider doctors who have completed their speciality training.  Before practicing prehospital care for NARS, doctors will be required to complete the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care, ALS, PLS and the Basic/Advanced PHEC courses.

Paramedics:  NARS will occasionally recruit paramedics who demonstrate a high aptitude for prehospital care.  Following a rigorous selection process, paramedics will be expected to pass a 3 day ‘boot camp’ course.  Successful candidates will then enter a 5 year intense mentorship program.  Paramedics who demonstrate commitment will be supported through an MSc in Advanced Paramedic Practice (Critical Care).  A fully qualified NARS level 2 Critical Care paramedic will have the ability to practice autonomously and within a Doctor / CCP level 3 team.

Nurses:  We are currently looking at how we can support nurses who wish to practice prehospital care with NARS.

For more information please feel free to contact our clinical department via the Contact Form.