NARS – and Norfolk – needs more Critical Care paramedics and doctors trained in pre-hospital medicine. But we cannot simply recruit them; we need to train them.

Critical Care paramedics and doctors trained to Level 2 and 3 bring additional skills, drugs and experience to the scene of the most serious, life-threatening incidents. These are the people who, at the moment of crisis, can make a real difference.

But to train an experienced paramedic to the level of Masters in Pre-Hospital Care takes around 6 years and costs nearly £20,000.

The proposed NARS Training Centre will allow qualified and experienced ‘mentors’ to pass on on vital knowledge to paramedic students, through high-fidelity training exercises, lectures and simulations. The Centre will also be made available as a training resource, to help generate revenue to the benefit of the service.

Over and above its function as a training facility, the Centre will also provide an operational base for the location of response vehicles, secure storage of equipment and drugs and essential office space for administration.